Nova Neutral Plus - High Performance Sealed Units

Improve the energy efficiency of your windows and help reduce your heating bills with our advanced soft coat sealed units.

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Nova Neutral 4S - New Concept Conservatory Glazing

Keep your conservatory cool in summer and stay warm in winter.


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SGG Bioclean - Self Cleaning


Put the chore of window cleaning behind you thanks to low-maintenance, self cleaning glass.


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SGG Cool-Lite ST - Solar Control Glass

Keep your conservatory cooler during sunny spells whilst gently filtering light to reduce uncomfortable glare from direct sun rays.

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SGG Stadip Silence - Acoustic PVB laminated Safety Glass

A laminated safety glass, providing noticeable insulation against noise, helping to create quieter interiors.


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SGG Bioclean Cool-Lite ST - Solar Control with Self Cleaning

Combine the features of SGG Cool-Lite ST with SGG Biolean self cleaning to create the ultimate conservatory roof glass.

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Pilkington Texture Glass

For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, decorative glass gives you a whole range of attractive options. In fact, Pilkington gives you no fewer than 18 different patterned glass designs – from classic to contemporary, no one offers a bigger choice.




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Decorative Glass Designs

Choose from hundreds of our standard lead and bevel designs or let your imagination run wild.


Our in house drawing office can help add a unique or traditional look to any property.




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Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is becoming a requirement in many new build projects to help meet ever more challenging energy requirements


Our state of the art manufacturing facility allows us to offer triple glazed units to meet the requirements of most advanced glazing projects.


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Gas Filling

All our Softcoat sealed units are gas filled as standard using Argon Gas.


For the ultimate level of energy performance choose Krypton Gas.




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Glass Processing

Mirrors, table tops, sandblasting. picture glass even replacement glass for green houses.


Ask our glass office about special applications and we will do our best to supply you with the most cost effective specification.



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U Values and Energy Efficiency

Looking for information on products to meet the every changing requirements of building regulations.


Ask the glass office to help find a specification to suit the U Value requirements of any project.




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